May. 19, 2018


Hello friends!

Greetings once again from sunny Arizona! I hope you are having a good weekend, and you and yours are doing well. 

I have to start  with my condolences, sadly once again, to the victims and their families of the most recent school shooting in Texas. I, as most people, share the frustration of the seemly endless series of crimes against happless students and educators in this country. As you know, one of my sisters is a middle school teacher, and I know everytime a shooting occurs, it shakes her to the core. She absolutely loves being a educator, but now she questions her own safety and that of her students. It is a difficult and complicated issue that needs to be resolved immediately.Coincidentally, I had just spent the last week in San Antonio, Texas myself, arriving home just the day after the the shooting.  

 I took a week off from my busy work schedule, and to escape the extreme heat here at home. Obviously going to San Antonio in May, where the humidity it's a lot higher, was it much Ava escape from the desert heat. I mostly wanted to rest my body and visit with my good friend Cathy. I stayed with her during my tour, and she was thrilled to have me back in town. I got the rest I needed, spending six days just lounging and seeing the local sights. I returned home on Wednesday and jumped right back onto fire.

 Speaking of fires, my next trip is already planned for San Francisco and Hawaii in early June. As fate would have it, we booked our flights, my two sisters and I who are going to accompany me, just two days before the volcano began to erupt!  I plan to drive to the Bay Area in about 10 days, and visit with the grandkids for a while, then fly to Oahu and stay with my good friend Yohana, who also hosted me during my trip. She invited me back to the islands to redo her bathroom tile, and make a mini vacation of it! My sister's Angela and Ester, have never been to the islands, and look forward to visiting for the first time. Obviously, the situation with the volcano is serious, and we are just waiting to see the outcome of the recent activity, and if it will affect our flights or or stay in any manner. I have grown a bug to travel and work, and have also received invitations this summer from friends  I  made in Iowa, Nevada and Michigan. As long as I can have the freedom to go as I please, I will continue to work and travel to wherever people invite me to!

 Unfortunately I don't have any updates with my book as I continue to wait for the editing process to run it's course. But as soon as I have news, I will certainly let you know! Thanks for checking in my friends and have a great day!