Jun. 12, 2018


Hello friends,

with much delay and frustration, I am finally able to write you after almost 3 weeks. I am doing fine here in the Bay Area, working and preparing to depart to Hawaii this Thursday. I hope all are well and safe wherever you call home.

I apologise for the long wait, but I was locked out of my website for over a week and unable to post any thing on my blog page. I went back and forth with the site administrators and technicians trying to figure out why I was unable to access my account. Everything is fine now so I'll give you short rundown of the last couple weeks.

 I last wrote you from San Antonio Texas, and after arriving home in Tucson for a couple weeks, I drove here to my son's house in Union City, California. I had been planning this trip for a few months now, escaping from the extreme heat in Arizona for the month of June. When I left it was 105 degrees with no relief in sight, as most months of June are in Tucson. I'm just hanging out with the grandkids in this cool 72 degree weather in the Bay Area, and working during the day with my friends in Los Gatos, who I met on my tour last year. I'm getting used to this working and traveling all over America, and benefiting from the dozens of new friends I made on the road. My next stop is once again flying over the Pacific, and staying on the island of Oahu with my friend Yohana for a couple of weeks and helping her remodel her bathroom. There is no better place to escape the heat and drought of the southwest than the cool waters of the North Shore! To make things even more fun, my two sisters, Angela and Ester, will be joining me on the island towards the end of the month. It will be their first visit to the islands, and they are super excited about visiting! Thanks goes to our lovely host, Yohana, for allowing all three of us to crash at our house for a week. I'll make sure to write you on a more timely basis, and should post some pictures of the beautiful Hawaiian paradise next week.

It also looks like my book is making some progress, finally. After much delay with the manuscript, the proofreader has finally completed that portion. It has been in her hands for 6 months now, unfortunately, because of an untimely death in her family, she was not able to devote much time to the the project. It's been very frustrating for me, watching the weeks and months go by without any progress. But I had to let things play out with her situation, knowing that these things happen and patience and empathy is needed. At least now when I get back home in July, I can begin the next step of this publishing journey. We'll see what comes next.

Enjoy the rest of your week friends, and stay cool this summer. Thank you for your long suffering and devotion, and always for your loyal support. I will write you sooner than later, I promise!