Jul. 19, 2018


Hello friends!

Greetings this Sunday afternoon from the hot and blistering desert, that is Arizona! I hope you are doing well during these dog days of summer, wherever you call home. We took a break from our monsoon season, and are experiencing triple digit weather once again. All that does is make me miss Hawaii that much more!

 I returned from my month long visit to California and Hawaii almost two weeks ago, and haven't stopped for a minute.As you can imagine, I had the time of my life, along with my sisters, but all good things must come to an end. I had worked backed up here and still haven't caught up. As much as I enjoyed my time away, I don't think I can afford to leave 30 days in a row, with a business to run and in such a busy time period. The economy has been good all year, and guys like me are in great demand these days all over the country. I wish it would have been this booming while I was on my tour, and it probably wouldn't of taken me a year to complete! We have to get it while the getting is good, as they say, because we never know when the next slow period may come. The only drawback for me, other than the weather, is that I have preciuos little time to write my second edition. I'm almost halfway through that book, but I have to drag myself behind the computer, especially after a long hot day in the sun.I try to keep my chin up, and plow forward confidently, beliving it will all be worth it in the near future!

 My Grandson Isaiah,17, and his cousin Elijah 13, are here for a couple of weeks as well, on their summer break from school, and away from their parents in California. They stay up all night and sleep in late, watching t.v., eating, and playing with their phones during the day, like most teens they're age. Isaiah, who will graduate next spring with high honors, also came to take a tour of the UofA campus. We took the tour together on Friday, and he was impressed with the school. His 3.9 gpa will give him plently of options next year to choose from, and he just might end up he with me in 2019 as a collage freshman! Next weekend we will be taking a short trip along with my son Jonathan, to the Grand Canyon before they fly back to the Bay area.I grew up without any grandpas in my life, so it's a delight to share and see Isaiah evolve in to a fine young man.

 I also signed up for another storytelling program in the community in September, this one orginized by a local latino group. The event will show case local talent from the surrounding areas, including a standup, open mic oppurtunity for any wouldbe comics. I signed up for that evevnt too, along with the chance to talk about my Gigs tour as well. A double dip oppurtunity to show case my awesomeness! Lol! I'll let you know how that turns out later on.

 Until next time my faithful and staunch supporters, I bid you asta la vista amigos and amigas!