Nov. 20, 2018


Good evening friends,  

Happy pre-Thanksgiving to you! I'm doing fine myself, thanks for asking! I've been busy with work, and also with all the book printing and book signing issues. As I had posted previously, the date and time have been changed for different reasons.

 All the ongoing changes and edits concerning the book, coupled with the time of year have made it impossible to meet the December 15th deadline I had set. As I am learning, and it's a good lesson for me  since I plan to publishing a few more books this coming year,  is you can't rush this portion of the publishing process. There is so much to understand and learn between the type setting and formatting of the printing process, that it's making my head spin! Alphagraphics and Janette are doing their best to accommodate my wishes,  but in the end, the best possible product, namely my Gigs book, is everybody's goal. And as Janette said, after all the work I've put into this project for the past three years,  anything less would be a disappointment! Even if it requires moving the release date to January. 

 I also want to inform you that the book signing event has been moved from the Bookman's to the Tucson Main library. I want to thank Kay, and Bookman's for their help, but in the end I decided that the time and setting were much better for us to do the event just the way I have envisioned it from the beginning. As it stands today friends, it is scheduled for January 26th (write it down) at 3pm until 5pm. We have a few things in mind for the event, which are probably not the standard book event protocols, but we plan to make it fun and special! I will fill you in with more details as the time approaches. I hope you can make it, and you if do, please identify yourself as a website follower. I owe you much thanks!

 Thanks for checking in friends, and take care, wherever you call home. 


P.S. it will be available in ebook form prior to the book signing event!