Dec. 3, 2018


Hello friends,

 Greetings from absolutely incredible weather haven, Tucson, Arizona! Hopefully you are doing well, and the climate is good wherever it is you call home.

The plans go forward still with our January 26th signing date, and the work progresses with the edit book copies. We're on our third cycle now,  and the changes and adjustments continue on. They tell me by late December all the fine tuning should be completed as they work hard to make the best possible book possible!

In the meantime, I continue to write the second book, Gigs part 2, on my spare time, while I maintain a busy work schedule. I also found time to finish my own gig, a Arizona room (screened porch) here at home. I took Kalani to the Home Depot , one of her favorite places to visit, and she had a blast. Plus she always enjoys all the attention from the employees and customers she receives. 

 I also made time to finally go and see my youngest son, Johnny, in his new career as a card dealer, at the local Indian casino. I don't frequent casinos much, but I wanted to see my boy in action. He's always been good at math, so it was only natural that he found himself in that career path.

 And now that I told you how my week went,  I continue extremely excited about the book signing event. I've been in contact with the downtown library events coordinator Matt, and he has given us a green light to conduct the event as we please, and I plan to run with it!

 As you know, this is my first ever signing event, and from day one,  I never envisioned it as just another traditional guy or girl seated on a table with a stack of books, ready to be signed. I'm doing it my way, like Frank Sinatra sang, good, bad or ugly, and I'm bringing my family with me to help! Here's the run down:

The event will start at 3p.m. with refreshments, snacks and music played by my nephew Ben, a professional harpist. Twenty minutes later, my sister Angela, master of ceremonies, will open the event by greeting all who are present and by going over the gigsacrossamerica adventure with a brief overview. Next she will introduce the first of two guest readers, one who will read an excerpt from gigs part one, and followed by the second reader who will do the same except from the gigs part two. Next I will have my part on the mic, saying a few words of my own,  which I've been waiting a lifetime to say! Followed then by a short Q.& A. with the audience. Then finally on to the actual signing and more music and drinks!

What do you think friends? I hope you can make it! 

Have a great week, and take care. Until the next post, adios!