Jan. 20, 2019


Hello friends,

I know that many of you are suffering from the extreme weather in most of the country, nevertheless, greetings from sunny and warm Tucson Arizona! I hope at least that you are warm and safe in your own home. I am so excited about everything that's happened this past week, something you and I have been waiting for a long time! 

The countdown to my book signing event here in Tucson on Saturday the 26th has begun, and I can't wait to see some of you there. In the meantime, the great news is that the ebook version is now available on Kindle! I know that most of you online followers will not be able to attend the fabulous signing event we have planned, but now you'll be able to read all about my adventure on your own personal ebook copy. It was a frustrating few days trying to download,  or should I say upload, the manuscript but it was well worth the effort. It is a confusing, and frustrating endeavor for a technically challenged dummy like me. Of course I had to have my big sister Angie help me with the process, and she did a wonderful job of performing it. Now as I sip my coffee with Kalani  a my side, there is certainly a great satisfaction that I feel knowing all the things that I went through for this day to be possible. Many, if not all of you have been with me all the way from the beginning, all the way back to the first time I logged in and began my journey. It continues to amaze me that I've been home for 19 months, and despite the long, and sometimes arduous publishing process, that many of you find folks have continued to support and loyally check in all these years!. I certainly hope that I do not disappoint you, and that my book, and this first part of the story, meet your expectations. This will not be the last book I plan to publish this year, and as you have often read about my other manuscripts, my hope is to have them all published by the end of this this year! In the meantime I will continue to write gigs part 2, and have that one available by the end of March!

So here's my plan, and it is a lofty one. Everything I have planned about this entire adventure has come to pass, and now my aim is even bigger. I don't really know how many followers I have on this site, but coupled with you fine folks, and the following I have here in my hometown, and on my social media sites, my goal is to sell 3,000 ebook copies this first week. That is the required amount for a book to be considered a best-seller, and that would be an amazing feat for a simple guy like me to have accomplish, knowing my layman's background. I realize that a lot of people are not ebook readers, but maybe you might know some that are. That being said, the option to purchase the book as a gift on Kindle is there if you know anyone who might be interested in reading my story. Coupled with the local media coverage I have received, including television and newspaper coverage, I think it's a possibility, but only with help from a lot of people like yourself!

Once again, it has been you my loyal followers who really warm my heart, and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement, and interest, and long-suffering! Our time has finally arrived!

I will check in next week with an update on the book signing event, and my newspaper and talk show appearances I have scheduled. Enjoy reading Gigs across America part one! 

Humbly, juanjohn!