Jan. 30, 2019


Good morning friends!

Happy Friday to you wherever you call home. I am doing great, and finally getting some rest after a whirlwind week! I apologize for the delay with my update, as you can guess, I had to set my normal work aside in order to foucus on the book launch.

 After weeks of planning, the evevnt finally took place at the Main Library downtown. It went off without a hitch, and everyone that attended had a great time it seemed. As for me, it was a nerve racking week, leading up right to the opening part by my sister Angela, who by the way did a great job as emcee. She opened the event, and did a great job greeting everyone, and covering the Gigs part one, adding a touching personal side of the adventure. Next my son Jonthan, read an excerpt from the book, followed by a read from Gigs part two, to be released in April, by my friend, writer/director, Edgar Ybarra. I followed next with my speech, and heartfelt expressions of gratitude to all the folks who took time to stop by, and support my journey, and special day! I was also proud, and happy that my family participated so much in the event, and made a family affiar!

 I recieved so many compliments about the whole thing, with people saying what a unique book signing event it was. Along with sister and son, my brother David catered the event, and my nephew Ben palyed his harp while the folks waited in line for their copy. My nephew Alex helped Jonathan take the money for the sales, and my cousin Alonso did a fantastic job filming the whole event. You can see the signing in it's entirety on Utube, under Gigsacrossamerica book signing. Matt Landon, and the library crew did a great job hosting, and setting up the room for us as well.

 It was a surreal feeling of finally seeing my story come full circle, as I sat on the table watching my family, friends , and even strangers gather and get excited about my book. it was a long road, but well worth the wait! Two days later, I was on the television again, on the local ABC affiliate KGUN 9's morning Blend Show, sharing my story to the city!

Now I have to finish up Gigs two, and get ready for the Tucson Book festival in four weeks, where I will be selling my book in two sparate venues. I also am working on submitting my book for sale at Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon. Don't forget it's also available now on Kindle inthe Ebook format!

Thanks again friends for your support, and I hope you get your copy in one form or another!