Aug. 11, 2019


Hello friends!

After a long awaited return, I'm finally back from my retreat. As always, I hope to find you doing well since we last spoke! I guess you're wondering where the Johnny man has been hiding, and why I haven't posted in such a long time. Here's my explanation friends.

 As most of you know, this site has been open since March of 2016, and I had been writing post constantly since then, and up to my book signing, and local Festival of Books event here in Tucson. But I really have been writing non-stop, all the way back to 2013 when I lived in Hawaii, starting with my first novel La Quecha, and following that with The Crossword in 2015, and Chiclets in 2018. Also, I have over the years spent numerous hours writing song lyrics in both Spanish, and English, trying to find a niche in that market as well. In total, my guess is that I have written, and typed well over a million words over the past 6 years, all the while still running my business to support myself, and as you know, traveling the country for a year on my gigs adventure. It has been quite a ride, and I wouldn't change a thing, because I am living a life many would gladly trade, if they could. I am fortunate!

 I did however hit a wall right after my Gigs part one was published. I would not call it writers block, since I have plenty more of that story to be told, and people are constantly asking me when part two will be coming out. On my part, it was more of an emotional meltdown I experianced this spring. I wasn't depressed per se, althought I was expecting far more book sales, especially on line with the E-book version, but I lost more of a desire to keep up the frantic pace that I had been living the past few years. I was emotionally, and physically exhausted from all the load I was bering for such a long time. Coupled with my normal workload that has just exploded this year, that left me with very little time and more importantly, energy to even sit behind this computer to write a simple update for you folks.

Gigs part two is about 2/3s complete, and it will be longer than its predecessor. I picked it up after many weeks of neglecting it. I hope to have it ready for publication the first of October. I also got the lyrics fever once again, and have wrote about twenty songs, some which I plan to market to online music publishers. Writing songs is something that fascinates me, but is alot harder to achieve. Its like a mini story told in far fewer words, that have to not only rhyme, and harmonize, but also make complete sense.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! I can't promise you that will be posting every week, but I will be more active with updates. I have a few irons on the fire, and am excited about thoses projects. Until then, thanks for checking in, and take care!