10.05.2017 20:48

phillip maldonado

good to see you big brother i was juat thinking of you other day wondering what you were up too edmound told me about your writings so i looked you up.

12.05.2017 01:43

Juan Bayardo

Good to hear from you little brother! Hope your well. There is life after meatcutting!

09.05.2017 02:57

Juan Bayardo

Hello Gary, I would love to be able to share my story a public form great or small! I would take a break from writing if anyone asked 😂

08.05.2017 22:15

Gary Miller

hi again, will you ever give a talk or share photos/stories at a public gathering?

01.05.2017 18:11


Really a GREAT story and I would not be at all surprised to see you on Good Morning America!!!!

02.05.2017 05:05

Juan Bayardo

Thank you Kathy! The Good Morning America show would be awesome! Maybe you can send them my link 😃 Lol!

01.05.2017 14:51

Gary Miller

Good morning, just read the newspaper about you. wow. great trip. and you made it home. We are from Alaska, how was it there for you?

02.05.2017 05:02

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Gary, Im happy to be home ! I spent 5 days in Anchorage in 16 degrees! It was brutal, a tough breed those Alaskans!

27.04.2017 21:51

Stella (Rodriguez) Hernandez

Wow JuanJohn! YOU DID IT! I'm sure your book will be amazing with all your adventures. So glad that I was able to follow you through your venture. Welcome back home. Good luck and God bless you!

28.04.2017 03:21

Juan Bayardo

Hi Stella! Thanks for your support from beginning to end! It's great to know how much of the community followed me like you!

27.04.2017 19:01

Margie D

Bravo! You made up your mind and you did it. I am so glad you found what makes our Nation awesome, its people. Good luck in your next ventures.

28.04.2017 03:20

john bayardo

It was people from all places, races and ages that made my adventure possible Margie!

27.04.2017 18:59

Mary Ann Jacobs

Hi Juanjohn - If you need or want a proofreader for your manuscript, I would be interested in doing that for you.

28.04.2017 03:17

john bayardo

I will need one then and need one now Mary for my other manuscript. Send me an email with your information!

27.04.2017 17:17

Wanda Wasson

I think this is amazing what you're doing. Everyone needs a fine Tradesman. Good luck to you and safe travels.

28.04.2017 03:54

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Wanda, it's a dying trade as you know!

27.04.2017 07:36


I think it is interesting that you pointed out, " the days of newspapers employment agency's are over like an 8 track." You are correct. 10 years military updated job searching. No more space.

28.04.2017 03:53

john bayardo

I'm 55 Steve, and remember those days well!

22.04.2017 06:24

Steve Engelman

Hi Juan! I wrote to you last year before you hit the road, & have been following you here & on Facebook ever since! Now that you are back home, all I can say is "AWESOME"!!! Well done sir!!

22.04.2017 07:05

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Steve for checking in and for your support this past year! I hope my book version will be as appealing to you and others once I write it.

14.04.2017 05:02

ana elsa rodriguez

saludos desde empalme primo cuidate vago, aventurero, un abrazo y bendiciones

14.04.2017 15:02

Juan Bayardo

Hola Prima! Gracias por tu apoyo me da gusto que me sigas desde la Garden City, Sonora!

26.03.2017 03:55

Debbie Salcido Miller

Hey Johnny just wondering how your venture is going and wishing you best of luck!

C. E. Rose school and Neighborhood friend

14.04.2017 15:00

Juan Bayardo

Hola Prima! Gracias por tu apoyo, me da gusto que me sigas desde la Garden City, Sonora!

26.03.2017 04:08

Juan Bayardo

Hello Debbie, I'm doing well and almost done! Heading to my last stop Hawaii on Monday. Nice to hear from you, thanks for your​support!

22.02.2017 20:37


This is a great adventure and I envy you. I'm looking forward to a book on the journey.

22.02.2017 23:40

Juan Bayardo

Thank you Bro! I can't wait to sit behind the laptop and start. I need to sleep about a week first!

10.02.2017 14:54

Ron Flores

Great idea.

22.02.2017 23:38

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Ron! Everyone should see the country as I did!

09.02.2017 23:08


North Shore is not for the faint of heart. I prefer the Lagoons.You can rent snorkeling gear and watch the sea life up close and personal.

06.02.2017 02:26


Best wishes for an exciting & insighful adventure as you take this journey!

06.02.2017 03:51

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Linda, it's been awesome site far!

06.02.2017 00:43


It has been bun for me following you. I was sorry to hear about your experience with the woman who stiffed you. Can't wait to see you on facebook from Hawaii. Remember to stay afloat in the water...

06.02.2017 03:49

john bayardo

Thanks cuz, I can't wait to swim the North Shore!

05.02.2017 12:53

Fina Conde

You only have 3 states left. (Incase you didn't realize.) Great job. How exciting.

05.02.2017 23:22

john bayardo

Thanks cousin, I'm excited too!

05.02.2017 04:23

Nancy Harrison

I'm so happy for you! What an exciting adventure!!!! Wishing you a lot of luck as your trip winds down! Have fun! Be safe!

05.02.2017 23:24

john bayardo

Thanks Nancy, it's taking everything I have left to finish!

30.12.2016 16:29

Kirk Farley

Juan, just checking up on you and glad to see you have found some great people and great jobs out there. Becky and I are anxious to see how your trip progresses and best wishes to you for Holidays!

30.12.2016 20:48


Thanks Kirk, this adventure has turned into a people meeting journey than a working tour. I've met so many wonderful folks like You and Becky and that is the greatest part of this story!

13.12.2016 19:42

Juan Bayardo

Yes, I'm not sure what my ETA is at this point. I'll be in touch, thanks!

13.12.2016 19:32

Mary Beth

Hi I'm friends with Stacy Russell. She said you were looking for gigs in Colorado. My son lives in Boulder and my girlfriend lives in Denver.

08.12.2016 17:32

Beth Day

JuanJohn is amazing!! His talents and skills are amazing!! If you need a quick fix, have a project you just don't want (or can't do), this is your handy man!!

08.12.2016 20:07


Thanks Beth, your too kind!

05.12.2016 17:44

Juan Bayardo

Plan it, do it, and you'll never regret it!

05.12.2016 17:41

Mary Beth Milone

My name is Mary Beth, I am a friend of Sherri's. She told me to check out your page and I've always been wanting to travel across America and see/eat in different states.

02.12.2016 15:55

Susan Depew

What a GREAT idea!!! God bless and safe travels! And YES - it is 'Minnesota Nice'!

02.12.2016 16:01

Juan Bayardo

Be back!

02.12.2016 15:59

Juan Bayardo

Thank you Susan! I'll be next summer to do some ice fishing!

02.12.2016 02:44

Juliette F

John we had an excellent time getting to know you, and I am grateful for having you finish our unfinished projects around our house!
We wish you well on completing your journey!

02.12.2016 02:50

Juan Bayardo

It was a pleasure and I throughly enjoyed every minute! Thanks for your support and kindness!

29.08.2016 03:57

Julie M

If you make it to Alaska you'll have an amazing adventure here too! I look forward to following along.

29.08.2016 04:14

Juan Bayardo

I look forward too Julie. I have Juneau on my mind!

28.08.2016 03:56

Suzanne Camet

What an amazing journey. Godspeed

28.08.2016 04:30

Juan Bayardo

Thank you for your support Suzanne!

22.08.2016 04:35

Handyman Bob

If you need work and your in the central coast area of California. Please let me know I have plenty and would be honored to help you on your journey

22.08.2016 04:33

Handyman Bob

Juan John I absolutely love what you are doing I have said for years there is always work out there you just have to look for it and be willing to do it!

22.08.2016 05:25

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Bob! Your support is well appreciated, coming from a fellow tradesman!

18.08.2016 21:17


Very cool! I just got back from a road trip, too!

22.08.2016 05:22

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Mark, your adventure looked amazing. I wish I could have brought my doggie along too!

16.06.2016 18:24


This is amazing Cuz! Go get it...God bless!

17.06.2016 00:06

Juan Bayardo

Thanks for the California family support cuz!

28.05.2016 17:01

Allen South

Hey Bro! I'm taking today to recuperate from trying to keep up with you last week. I'm glad Mike got in touch with you, and I know he is too! Thanks for all your help!

28.05.2016 17:31

Juan Bayardo

I tired too my friend! I'm glad Mike picked me also. You did a great job helping me and it was a joy getting to know you both!

10.05.2016 19:51

Juan Bayardo

Thanks for your support Laura😊It's my first blog too!

10.05.2016 19:39

Laura Schildmacher

I have never followed any blogs but I think I'm going to follow your exploits, and I really hope you can make it work and then get that book written! Rooting for your success!

09.05.2016 23:00

Juan Bayardo

Hey Hermi, I remember you! Follow my Blog! I post almost daily.

09.05.2016 19:06


Saw your truck at a stoplight last week. I checked out this site and realized we worked together 20+ years ago! Smiths, I believe. Cool idea! Any way to follow your adventures online? Instagram, etc?

03.05.2016 01:31

Maricela Rabago

Hola juan leyendo el periodico me entere de tu aventura Dejame felicitarte por tu Valentia de seguir tus sueños Dejanos saber de ti you viaje Dios te bendiga

03.05.2016 08:29


Gracias Maricela,
Todo es possible si Dios quiere. :)

29.04.2016 07:30


Hi John! Wishing you safe travels, can't wait to hear all of the exciting stories.

29.04.2016 07:37


Thanks Matt! I'm ready for some poke!

27.04.2016 14:32

Gloria Olvera

Amazing venture, how exciting! Gotta give it to you, so many of us have 'something' we wish we would of done before we got to old & you my friend are getting out there & getting your 'something' done.

27.04.2016 14:42


Thanks Gloria. My 'something' might accelerate the aging process!

27.04.2016 06:44


I will be following your adventure!

27.04.2016 13:18


Thanks Amy! One more week to go 😊

27.04.2016 04:52


Here to you! Hoping you find open doors, hearts and minds to achieve your goal! Have a safe journey.

27.04.2016 05:59


Thanks Maris! I have already received much goodwill from good people like you, and I haven't even departed!

27.04.2016 04:47


How will you get your tools to Hawaii? And your truck? Shipping? I think what you are doing is pretty exiciting! Teaches alot of people and kids a lesson!

27.04.2016 05:56


Thank you Diane. I plan to will leave my truck and tools in San Fransisco where my son lives and take a flight to Honolulu. I plan to take a few tools with me and see what I can find on my last gig!

27.04.2016 03:18


This is an unbelievable challenge! I really hope you will succeed and I want to read about it all. It'll be so interesting to see where you are and what you'll be doing!

27.04.2016 05:50


Thank you Marian! I appreciate your support!

21.04.2016 19:04

Yolanda Randall

Hi John! Good Luck on your adventure! Jim and Yolanda Randall

22.04.2016 03:50

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Jim and Yolanda!

21.04.2016 18:33

Gayle Johnson

Hi JuanJohn!
Oh my gosh! I wish you the best on your journey! I will be following you on your trip via your site and I hope you will look me up when you return to Hawaii!
Have fun and be safe!

22.04.2016 03:49

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Gayle, I plan to stay on the island a couple weeks! See you then, GW!

19.04.2016 20:06


Do you have an Instagram or Facebook page?

19.04.2016 21:35

Juan Bayardo

Hello, Janette, Yes i do!
FB- Juanjohn Bayardo
Instagram- Juanjohn Bayardo