My favorite, lava flow

Looking for work in Alaska.

Yohanna my lovely host!

Nero the house doggie.

I got the crabs!

Waialua coffee shop.

Spam and egg matsubi with pork manapua

Pho made with eye round and brisket.

My nephew Cecil Fuentes in Portland

Portland Library

Isaiah and Jordan Bayardo

Bultz truck stop Portland

Vintage diesel at the Jubizt truckstop, Vancover, Or.

One of the many parking tickets I've acquired across America!

Troutdale T.S. kitty!

Joel M. handy work, West Seattle.

I never lose track of my Wildcats!

Big Mac in Seattle!

Guess who lives here?

Best looking barista in Washington!

Tacos Guaymas, West Seattle.

Boise, Id

Columbia River, WA.

Breakfast of champions! Guru's in Boise!

Working in Boulder, Co.

Cowboy up bitches! lol!

Best waitress in Casper!

This job was a bear!

Zoe and her Dad!

Shrimp Veracruz.

Kevin E. and I

Lee's Summit sunrise!

Kids having fun in Kansas!

I love ping pong!

Omaha Library.

Sioux Falls display

Need gas money!

Beth and Kevin's basement!

These two lovely ladies jump started my truck in KC. thanks Elif and Leah!

Urbandale, Iowa.

A frozen lake somewhere in Iowa!

Day basement. Iowa.


02.09.2019 09:27

Elizabeth McGlone

Nice pictures. I also captured brilliant views in mine https://www.goldenbustours.com/new-york-to-niagara-falls-bus-tours/

22.01.2017 18:14

Carol Stephenson

Hey my friend, hope your staying warm. Gods speed to Alaska.... better you than me!!!

22.01.2017 18:30

Juan Bayardo

Thanks Carol, I look forward to the Great Frontier!