May. 7, 2016

One down, fortynine to go!

Good morning everyone,

I completed my first gigs yesterday In Tempe AZ. I was too tried to share the good news after a long day in the sun. I shared my experience on my new gigs page, so look there for all the details. Please ‘like’ the story if you do. I will continue to write them separately from now on and will keep the blog for a more personal perspective.

So the first thing that hit me when I showed up to do the work, was that Im not my own boss anymore! After spending years of self-employment and being my own boss, I had to realize that as I put myself out to hire, I won’t always have the option of doing things my way, or the way I think best. I will have to get use to taking orders from the persons who are going to pay me!

It was also a bit nerve racking waiting for potential gigs to respond back to me as I waited in my motel room. I won’t be able to rent too many rooms on this trip, since I expect my income to drop significantly from what Im used to during this adventure. After all it is a survival tour!

Well Im already looking to Nevada for work this weekend and will be arriving in Las Vegas tonight. It felt good to get that first gig completed. The pressure was building a bit.

Thanks for your time, have a good day.