May. 17, 2016


Hello Family and Friends,

I write you this Tuesday evening from the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico! Santa Fe to be specific. I arrived here late last night after a tiring 400 mile drive. I reserved a tent site at a local RV park and slept like a rock after spending the last two nights, one in a campground in Denver and the other in my truck at a truck stop in Grand Junction Colorado. Since I last wrote you on Sunday morning, the outlook seemed sunny as I entered in the beautiful state of Colorado. I know why they call it ‘Colorado’ or red in Spanish. The awesome natural rock and soil colors of the mountains and buttes are red everywhere.

Unfortunately the weather was anything but sunny! I drove east along I-70 following the Colorado River heading towards Denver. The scenic highway was unbelievable, passing Glenwood Springs, Eagle and Vail to mention a few towns, on the road to the capital. After completing my Utah gig, I looked ahead to the Denver Craigslist and the prospects seemed promising. By the time I arrived Sunday evening and set up my tent site, the climate was already looking dismal. Still I started to email and text potential jobs for Monday from inside my little tent. I woke up early yesterday morning and the gloom had turned to rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.

I heard the news from the radio as I drank my hazelnut and cinnamon coffee and they stated the forecast for more of the same the next three days.  Not good for me, since most of the work I do is done outside! Still I messaged a few inside ads for sheet rock and remodeling, hoping for a quick response. By noon I still had no secure job. I needed to make a decision. Time is money and if Im not working, then Im consuming. I pondered whether to wait out the storms for the next three days in my soggy campsite or bolt for the next state, hoping for better weather. Colorado, like Nevada is close on my return trek in the fall, so I will have another crack at the Boulder state down the line I finally decided. It was not what I wanted to do but I must continue forward if I have that option. In most states I won’t have the ability to return, so I will play that hand if circumstances like weather dictate it. So I fueled my gigs mobile, grabbed a bag of pistachios and headed south for New Mexico.

The C.L. in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque was dramatically reduced compared to the Colorado list. The good news is that the weather although cloudy and windy was an improvement from the Denver area. I also ended up with a gig right away this morning! The bad news is it’s another digging job. Ha-ha! I don’t mean to come off ungrateful but my aging back is still sore from all the muddy digging in Park City! With all the tools I packed in my truck and all the other skills I possess, all I’ve been getting is pick and shovel details! Oh well, it’s a survival tour I keep reminding myself. My hammer and power tools are jealous! I do have a theory of course.

You see friends, most trades including plumbing, electrical and remodeling need some trenching or earthworks sometimes. It’s not just a concrete, masonry or landscaping chore. Since everybody needs a ‘Pinche’ hole dug at times, excuse my French! They rather hire a mole like me for a day or two, instead of doing it themselves! God forbid those SKILLED craftsman get a little dirt on their pretty little fingers or mud on thier new shoes!! Im just venting! Lol!

Still I feel proud that all the men who have hired me from the outset have complemented my work ethic and have asked me to stay on for a bit longer. I thanked them for their kindness and explained that I must move forward to the next state. Although, here today with this man in New Mexico I have agreed to stay with him for three working days. My truck payment is due Friday, so you guessed it, I’ll be digging all week. :)

I will be posting my official story on my gigs page when I complete the state and move on to Oklahoma this weekend.

Thank you so much for your time. Take care and be safe.