Jun. 17, 2016

Lake Pontchartrain

Good morning Friends,

I hope all are are well and you are coping with the climate. I've been here in New Orleans now for two days and the job situation is bleak. The weather has been hot and muggy, even through the night. Plus the mosquitos have eaten me alive at the campsite. Thank God I'm not expecting!

I wasn’t too concerned yesterday, since it seemed like I secured a gig with a guy for today. But at eight this morning the job fell through and now I'm back on the CL waiting for something to pop up again. For a city this size, the postings are few. I'm not sure if the CL is the preferred method of obtaining or posting for help with the folks in this part of the country, but looking ahead, the southern states seem to follow the same pattern. I since figured out that the bigger the city, the better my chances of getting a gig will be. Unfortunately Atlanta is still three states away. 

I haven't even been to the world famous Bourbon Street yet, since money is tight and the rest of the southern states will be challenging. So I will try to endure the weather and job situation another day, hoping something materializes soon! I have faith.

Have a good day everyone and thanks for checking in 😊