Jun. 25, 2016

New haircut with beautiful Candice in St Petersburg

Good morning friends,

I am writing to you this morning from the Sunshine state of Florida. I hope you all had a great week wherever you call home. Here is the latest news.

After arriving here in St Petersburg on Tuesday night, to my friends Yolie's home, I was excited about the job prospects here in Florida. I am fortunate to have a good friend here in the area to help me out. She and I went to school together many moons ago and hadn't seen each other since our tenth reunion back in 1990. Along with finding a gig here in the bay area, I will also be spending a few days helping her out with some home repairs. Which in turn helps me out with some much needed funds. Her kindly given me use of her home feels like a oasis, a relief from the heat and campgrounds. Unfortunately for me, she is the last person I know on this tour as I move forward. So many more nights in a tent await me!

The first thing I did when I awoke was to hit the CL list and boy what a difference one state to another makes. The jobs and gigs posted here in the Tampa Bay area are plentiful. I sent out a few inquiries, of my preference, since there are a lot to choose from, and someone responded within a couple hours. The gig was a backyard paver job that someone had began but didn't finish, so they needed someone like me to complete it. After a few exchanges via email and pictures proving my credentials, we came to an agreement over the price. 

I agreed to do the job for less than my normal rate, but I had to consider my situation and the fact that the materials were already in place. No out of pocket expenses on my part and less work for me in the long run. The heat is still intense, but a lot of the patio is in the shade. I plan to complete the job by this afternoon and have my Florida gig in the books! I might stick around for another gig next week, but I plan to enjoy the weekend with Yolie, who's going to show me around the town!

Have a good day, and thanks foryour support!