Jun. 28, 2016


Hello friends, 

I hope all are having a good day! I'm so glad to be able write you from the comfort of a nice, comfortable and cozy home of my good friend from back home, in Tucson, Yolanda G. or as I call her #Yo-Ga!

She has been gracious enough to allow me into her home and in turn give me a rest from the campsite mosquitos, moldy cheap motels and truckstop parking lots that I've been sleeping in. This beautiful, caring lady has been a wonderful hostess and friend! Although I've been working on my gig across the bay, she has taken the time away from her busy work schedule to show me around the F.LA. Not to mention spending valuable money and energy treating me to meals and sightseeing tours. We even cut a rug in downtown Tampa last Saturday night and ended the evening with a pancake breakfast at the Village Inn. The Juanjohn and Yolie still have some dance moves left! I'm greatful for her generosity and unselfish hospitable nature along with her amazing company!

Although this state is still in the southern region, it reminds me a lot of California. Just with higher humidity and no mountains. It is to some extent different from the other southern states, despite the physical similarities. I do have to say the traffic is the worst I've seen so far. Rude, reckless and aggressive drivers abound in the part of the state. But places to see and eat are plentiful and varied. And for me, the tropical, ocean and beach lifestyle appeal to me tremendously! Having spent some time in Hawaii, I am always ready to hit the waves and water! 

So I'll spend the rest of the month here in St Petersburg through the 4th of July weekend while I help my friend paint her house. I'll depart for Savannah, GA. On the 5th. I'll check back in soon! Thank you for your support and encouragement. It's going to be hard leaving this place!

Be safe, Juanjohn