Jul. 11, 2016


Hello friends, 

Hope your enjoying your Monday wherever you call home. I just arrived from a long day's work here in the beautiful city of Charleston. As last I posted, on Saturday, things were looking gloomy for me. Oh what a difference a few hours make! So this is how I end up here in Charleston.

After spending a full day in both the cities of Columbia and Greenville, I was losing hope really fast. I spent all day Friday in Columbia searching and waiting for something to pop up on the CL. Nothing. I decided to bolt for Greenville, since it seemed more logical, being closer to my next planned stop, Charlotte  N.C. I arrived at five o'clock and rented a campsite to begin with my normal routine of checking the latest ads. Nothing.

By morning I was determined to stick it out. There is no coming back this way I reminded myself. I went to two of the local Home Depots, and I had no success latching on for the day with someone. By noon the temperature was already heading to the triple digits as I sat in my truck under a tree at the local supermarket. Meanwhile, still checking my phone every hour for that elusive gig to appear. NOTHING!

By two pm. I gave myself until four o'clock, or else I was heading back to Columbia. I figured it's located more central to both Greenville and Charleston, and if bad came to worsee, I would have to spend a third day looking. I stopped at a local park and sat under a large ramada with a few other folks, watching the kids play. I wrote a few pages in my personal dairie and took some pictures of the park. At four o'clock  I checked once again. Nothing new.

I decided to wait another hour. At five o'clock in decided to head back to Columbia before it got too dark. I was bumming and sweating! For some reason I decided to check out the CL in Charleston, more than two hundred miles away. The reason I hadn't previous was because it was far out of the way in the wrong direction. To my surprise there were plenty of postings! I noticed a particular ad looking for help with a paver floor. Right up my alley!

The rest of the story you'll have to wait until I post it on my gigs page tomorrow, or Wednesday! I'm learning to be more patient and trusting with this project as it continues forward. From gloomy to sunny in a matter of minutes! My hair will completely gray if not fall out by the time I get to Hawaii!

I will leave you now and will have a final post about my time here in this beautiful state of South Carolina on Wednesday. Take care friends and be safe. Thanks for your support.