Jul. 27, 2016


Hello to all, 

I hope everyone is doing well on this hump day. I'm just finishing up my laundry and pizza here in the DC area. I finished my second of three days working on my gig. I really scored a great opportunity with the man who hired me to do some masonry and home improvements. I will write all about the story when I complete my day tomorrow. I will say that the stars were aligned for the Johnny Man in DC. Work wise that is.

It's been a weird day for me I have to confess. I woke up early and ready to finish my brick planters. I had my coffee and that usually results in a pretty good start. But once I started working I really had to fight off the feelings of a funk I couldn't shake. All morning I felt the need to go home, to Arizona!

Homesick is what I felt. I can't explain it. I felt these feelings back in Colorado, early in the tour. I expected that to happen then, but now two month later, it hit me again. Im having a great time with this adventure, as you can tell for the most part, and on this gig especially. Still I ponder the root cause, and try to reason my way out of the mental fog that over takes me.

I figure the change of surrounding, the six thousand miles I've covered and the disruption of my normal routine might have or were bound to have an impact on my mental and physical health. As much fun and enjoyment that I have experienced these past eighty days or so, are bound to have a flip side. My body aches all the time from the road, the physical work, the constant heat and probably the biggest culprit is the continuous search for work. I wrote about these perils before I departed and a few weeks ago too!

What I realize now is that I underestimated the lack of down time I would be getting. There is no unplugging from this tour. Sometimes psychically but never mentally. From the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep, wheather in a host home, a truckstop or a motel or campsite. I have tried to take in a movie on occasion or concentrate on my writings,  but the fact is that I constantly have to be looking for the next gig, no matter what. I will continue to look for ways to help me deal with these issues. I have to.

So I then turned it around by noon and cleared my head of all the doubt and anxiety. The cloud lifted with thoughts of all the good cheer, new friends and my many supporters and followers. There is so much for me to be thankful and greatful for. Plus the privilege of being able to do this sort adventure, knowing that so many people don't have the circumstances or opportunity to embark on such a personal journey as mine. There is no turning back now, God forbid any unseen event. I am, after all human and capable of having a down day or two. Next on list is Maryland. 

Have a great night friends and be safe wherever you are. Thanks for letting me lean on you for a little while. Good bye and good night! #Yo-Ga-Fla