Jan. 6, 2017


Good morning friends,

Greeting this fifth day of January from snowy Boulder, Colorado where the temperature outside is -4 degrees. I hope all are doing well and are warmer than I am at this moment. I’m still here in the area working on another remodeling project earning money to able to move forward with my tour,  grateful that I’m working inside in these extreme conditions.

I apologize for my delay with an update but this project as was the last one I helped in Denver came with a deadline which means long hours in the night. I’m happy for the opportunity to work but unfortunately for me I don’t get paid on a daily basis like I have been for most of the tour. I took it because it pays better than most and seeing the job situation up north in Wyoming I decided to stay a few more days to get ahead a bit with my bills. But living day to day as I have been makes it very difficult to survive on the road as I wait for my payday to arrive, making renting a room in this severe cold unattainable. I’ve been sleeping in the Sapp Brothers parking lot since the 26th of December and only last night when 12 inches of snow fell and the forecast called for minus zero temps did I ask the boss for a small advance to be able to rent a room for the night. He reluctantly agreed, not caring too much about my personal situation, which made it even more humiliating for me.

That is all part of the survival aspect of my journey I guess and I don’t expect anyone or everyone to treat me with any special consideration because of my adventure. I said it over and over that this is why I dreaded the winter to fall upon me, not so much for the working conditions but for the lodging situation, which makes me appreciate more the family, friends and also the good people who have opened their homes for me along the way. I really don’t mind sleeping in my truck too much but freezing to death is not part of the plan in order to complete my journey.  I have to rush off to work now and hope to be on the road to Wyoming by Monday of next week. We’ll see what awaits me there!

Thanks for your support and patience as the tour seemed to hit a snag, and now you know why. Be safe wherever you may be!  #Yo-Ga-Fla