May. 5, 2017


Hello friends,
Happy Cinco de Mayo from sunny Tucson, I hope all are well wherever you call home. I wanted to post a little update and commemorate my one year anniversary since I departed on my now completed tour.
Yes it was the fifth of May of last year that I rolled out of my driveway all loaded and determine to complete my set of goals, never imagining that my fifty states journey would take almost an entire year. So much of it went as I planned and so much more did not, which is what made it into the wonderful adventure that it became. Indecently I just purchased a used laptop to be able to start writing my book about the past year. I’ve been using a keyboard and my 8 inch tablet to post my blog the past few weeks since I trashed my computer with a cup of coffee while in Hawaii!
I plan to devote the next few weeks writing the story at night while I resume my small business during the day. I’m quite excited about reliving my entire experience on the road and sharing so much more with you than I was able to post here on this site. I hope I can relive and express my feelings, thoughts, and countless emotions I lived and shared on my blog in the same manner, for your reading pleasure.
If you read my last post I began a fundraising effort to jumpstart my idea of a Gigs Photo Gallery here in town and to help with my expected publishing cost, but up to now it’s pretty dead in the water, Lol! Nevertheless I will continue forward with my goal of having at least the first 25 states completed by June and ready for publishing, saving the photo gallery idea for a later date, depending on the funds available.
I also have another interview this Tuesday at the local PBS station for a radio segment on their show. Then it might be sent up to National NPR for a larger audience! I’ll keep you posted.
My dermatitis condition is slowly getting better now that the medicine seems to be working and I still don’t have a clue where I contracted it. I believe it was somewhere in California or Hawaii, my last two stops. It has sort of robbed me of any sort of rest and relaxation that I so badly looked forward to all these months on the road, suffering from a vicious itchy urge to scratch myself all over my body, especially at night, thus keeping me up for hours at a time! I don’t wish this on anyone.
Well enough about me friends, despite the physical setback, I stoked about being home with my family and friends who have done an amazing job of welcoming me home and praising and congratulating me for my accomplishments. I guess it still hasn’t totally hit me completely and I still feel a bit uncomfortable when folks refer to me as a local celebrity or famous for my television and newspaper articles. My only goal now is to write my book and to plan my next adventure for 2018!
Thanks for checking in and for believing in me.