Jun. 4, 2017


Hello Friends,

I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. I'm doing fine as well and wanted to check in with you this Saturday evevning. I'm sitting here with my baby Kalani, writing you while we endure the worst part of the hot Arizona heat.

The high today was 104 and the rest of the week calls for triple digits until God knows when! It is part of living in the desert southwest and June-Semptember are the hottest. To make matters more unbearable for my sister and I, who I'm staying with, is that the A.C. unit has been down for the last week or so. After fighting with the Insurance company and the contractors for days, it will finally be repaired sometime tomorrow. I guess my journey prepared me for some extreem conditions this past year, but I did'nt expect them here once I got home. It has made my book writing endevor difficult, coping with the heat inside the house. The fans don't help, they just circulate the already hot dry air. I can't wait for it to get fixed so I can concentrate on the novel and not the sweat running down my face and neck!

Oh well, things happen, it's part of life. I do have some good news, my blood work has come back with negative results and a clean bill of health for me, except for a pre-diabetic condition the doctor said I needed to address. She recommends I lose 25 lbs. and see a nutritionist to help me eat better and shed the extra few pounds she insist I carry. I don't see it to tell you the truth, but based on my height, 5'11", I should weight 178, not 202! I thought it was all muscle, but the donuts and nachos of my truckstop exsistance from my adventure have caught up to me I guess. I want to join the local Chouze gym, but it's not in the budget right now until I catch up on some bills.

My puppy Kalani is thrilled to have me back and does not leave me alone to rest or write most of the day. She is probably afriad of me leaving her again for a long time and won't let me out of her sights for too long. I told her no promises until 2018!

Well friends, thanks for your continued support and I promise you that I am doing everthing possible to write my book and get it out there as soon as I can. I'm almost halfway through the first 25 state edition and hopefully will have it avialible before long! Have a great week and take care, wherever you call home!