Jun. 18, 2017


Hello friends,

Happy Sunday and Father's Day to you all, wherever you may call home! I had a great day today doing three of the things I enjoy the most in life; writing,cooking, and hanging out with family. We had to do most of it inside, simply because it's just too hot outside this time of year here in Tucson and the rest of Arizona!

Last week I mentioned working outside and suffering from a little heat exhaustion in 107 degrees, but this week was and will continue to be much hotter. Now if you are not familar with the blazing summer heat of the southwestern states, like my home state of Arizona, June is usually the hottest month of the year, and this year is no different. Today the temperature rose to 113 and the next few days are forecasted to be up to 116 or higher. I didn't work today, and since there isn't much one can do outside besides swim, I stayed inside busy with my book. I'm glad to have a remodeling gig starting tomorrow for a few days, because it will keep me inside most of the week and away from the furnace outside. It's days like today that make me think about some of the cooler places I visited on my adventure. It almost makes me miss the snow and ice from last winter and fall in the Dakota's and Colorado, just to mention some of my coldest stops. The only comfort we draw around here is that at least we're not in the Phoenix area, where the temps are always 5-6 degrees higher!

I decided to cook some ribs in the oven anyways and my sister baked her world class cornbread to go with my famous babyback ribs. We took a break from the writing and kitchen in the afternoon, along with my son Jonathan, to go to the theater and watch a movie. I mainly went to enjoy the air conditioner and popcorn for a couple of hours. We returned at dinner time and feasted on the pile of ribs, chicken and corbread.

Now I'm ending my day writing you this short post, hoping your day was just as relaxing and enjoyable as mine was! I continue to write with a passion and excitement, reliving the journey with every page I type. The book will be like fifty mini books, all unique and interesting in thier own way. The first edtion, or the first twenty-five states will be done soon, then I will send it to editing, while I create the cover. I'm excited as I have ever been about anything in my life, I can't wait!

So friends as always, I leave you until next week wishing you a good week and thanking you for your continued support! A Dios amigos!