Sep. 11, 2017


Hello friend.

Happy Monday to you, from sunny Tucson. I pray that you might be safe and dry, wherever you lay your head. In lieu of the unfortunate ongoing climate challenges folks down south are dealing with, especially in Florida and the Carribean island nations, I send a special warm, shout out to all the people affected. I can't imagine what many of those poor folks are going through, and I hope I never do. 

 Hurricane Irma followed Harvey so fast, that it almost seems like those folks in Texas just faded away from the national scene, but their need is just as urgent as it was the first day after they were hit. One thing about natural disasters; they don't discriminate. People who unfortunately live in their path of distruction, all get the same treatment, regaurdless of their age, skin color, nationality, or economic status, to name just a few. 

 We have seen many different issues divide this nation lately, all well publized, over the air waves. But there is nothing like a hurricane or earthquake, to bring the best out of humans, and compel us to drop our petty differences, and help our fellow man and neighbors in their time of need. It is unfortunate that it has to come to that at times, but it's good to see that it does.

 I am still contemplating a mini tour to Houston, and now possibly Florida, to help with the rebuilding process. I could use the money as well, with my upcoming publishing cost just around the corner. It will definately come in handy, and I'm getting excited about traveling and writing stories about those people whose lives have been impacted by these events.

 On a different topic, I mentioned last week that I had been invited to parcipitate in a group called Storytellers, that gathers every month to share real life storys. The format is in front of a audience of friends and family, with a ten minute span to tell your personal tale. I was excited to be able to share my Gigs adventure to a new group of people, but with over fifty stops and sixty jobs, covering almost a year, it was hard to choose one to tell. I wasn't nervous as some of the others were to stand up on stage in front of a crowd, especially since I've done some public speaking in the past. My part went well and I kept the audience loose and laughing through most of my story. I chose to share my very first gig stop in Phoenix, and made it as vivid and interesting as I could, all in an attempt to lure even more book buyers in the future.

 After the event, many of the audience members came over to thank me and congratulate me for sharing my adventure. Obviously, I directed them to this website, and encouraged them to visit the many more stories and pictures that made up the one year journey, that many of you are familiar with. One man in particular told me I was very funny, and suggested I should think about doing stand up at Laff's comedy club. I told him I had worked the open mic circut in the Waikiki clubs years back, and then he really insisted I come down for a crack at our local club. I replied that I had alot on my plate at this time, but maybe after I completed my gigs first edtion, I might stop in for a set. Stay tuned for that development!

 Well friends, it's time to sign off once again. Gracias for your time and support and take care, until next week!