Sep. 27, 2017


Good evevning friends,

greetings from sunny and cool Tucson, Az.again. My hope is that you are doing well this Wednesday night. I know I'm a couple of days late with my post, and I apologize for that. First of all, I want to send some warm thoughts to all the unfortunate souls who are still struggling with the natural disasters in their particular areas, especially the folks in the island nation of Puerto Rico. I surely hope all these people recieve help soon, and relieve them of the trails and tribulations they are enduring at the hands of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes.

 I promised you I would be done with the first 25 state edition this week, and I'm happy to tell you that I needed an extra two days to follow through. I hope you share my enthusiasim and excitement as I send it to my friend to get proof read this weekend. It was at times, exhuasting but never boring. I enjoyed reliving my experiance on the road, and I hope you will find it just as amazing as I did. I wish it wouldn't of taken so long, but unfortunately life got in the way at times these past few months. Working for a living, and not feeling totally myself since I returned, certinly hampered the process. I expect much of the same when I start composing the second edition in a few weeks. Those next 25 stops were when the real survival tour began, and I will surely continue to keep you updated with the publishing journey as things come together in the next few weeks.

 I also went last week to the local comedy club here called Laff's, and took a stab at the open mic session they have every Thursday night. The list was long for all the wannabe jokers like me, but I think I held my own, and stood out from the crowd. I had done some stand up in the open mic circut in Honolulu when I lived in Hawaii years ago, so unlike alot of the firstimers last week, I seemed more relaxed on stage than most. My humor is strictly PG-13 and like my website, non-political and social. I have plenty of funny and horrifying stories about my upbringing, parenthood, and failed marriages, to fill the few minutes they alot me. Besides, I like to give folks the chance to escape the media bombardment they already recieve from the all the world's troubles. I don't know where I'm going with that stand-up gig yet, but in the meantime, it's a great way for me to blow off some steam.

 Well friends, I want to thank you for continuing to support my website and story. I still recieve plenty of hits each day, months after my arrivial back home, which shocks an amazes me in a pleasent and humble way. I can't wait to finally write you that future post announcing the publication of my book!

 Everything has it's time, I'm a firm believer, and now it's time to say Adios, and take care, until next time!