Jan. 1, 2018



Good morning friends,

and happy 2018 to you, wherever you call home! After some frustrating network connections issuses, I write you from my son's home here in Union City California. I journeyed here last week to meet my granddaugther Eva for the first time, and deliver her gift in person. A handmade baby blanket and pillow my friend Lorrie in Tucson made especially for her! She was born back in October and i couldn't wait to meet her finally.

 I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and are now looking forward to a better coming year ahead. I myself had a tremendous 2017 as you know, finishing up my tour in April. I t was the most exciting adventure I ever embarked on and can believe it took an entire year to complete. Yes it's true the process of publishing has taken longer than I wished, but it hasn't been due to the lack of desire on my part. As you know, it takes resources, namely money to publish and unfortunately life just seems to have gotten in the way a bit.

I planned the journey way back in late 2015 and early 2016, then I departed in April that year. I was on the road two weeks short of a year, and returned to complete the first part of my story in October. Now the proof reading and book cover process is underway and it can't happen fast enough!. I did have a bit of good news recently and it will certainly speed up the publishing process. I am due to recieve a lump some of money any day now from an old pension fund from my meatcutting days. and it will hopefully make my dream of being a published author a reality. I will keep you abreast of the developments as always.

 Well friends, thats all for now and thanks for sticking with me throughout my long and at times frustrating journey. I hope your plans and resolutions for 2018 come true for you, as I hope this year will also be a great one for me as well. Take care until next week!