Mar. 9, 2018


Good morning friends,

Happy Saturday morning to you,  I hope all are well and warm wherever you call home. I apologize for the delay with my update, but I was busy celebrating my birthday. I had all intentions posting this yesterday, but I was caught up in the excitement of March Madness , with my local team the Arizona Wildcats.

 It's hard to believe that I am now 56 years old, as most of you know time just seems to fly by. If you haven't figured out yet, I'm not too concerned with aging, and never really have been.I try to live everyday to its fullest, realizing the precious gift of life we all possess. Speaking of time, it was exactly a year ago today that I landed in Anchorage Alaska, on my second to the last stop of my tour. It was the coldest climate I had ever experienced, except for the few nights I slept in sub-zero temperatures in my truck in the Midwest. I didn't have to sleep outside in Anchorage, since I rented a motel for 5 days, but since I flew in, I was confined to the local bus system for transportation. Waiting for the bus to to arrive in 21 degree weather, was a first for me, and not very pleasant!

 Today is also the annual book fair here in my hometown of Tucson, a  bittersweet occasion for me. I had set this date when I first arrived as a goal to have my book completed and ready to showcase here at this event. Unfortunately, as you know, I will only be attending as a spectator. I still remain undeterred, despite the delay in my publishing timeline. The first book is written, but still some time away from hitting the bookshelves and E-book market. I believe, as I've stated several times, that everything has its time, and this is not the time for me to be part of the writer's club. Nevertheless I still dream and envision that for me in the near future. I hope that you still believe in me and my determination to complete my journey in the written form!

 I also have a issue that I've been struggling with this past week. As you know I am self-employed, and enjoy working for myself and all the freedom that it entails. I was offered a job position as a union rep here at the local office where I was a member for 21 years of my life. I do not miss having a boss, or punching a clock like the majority of folks in this world. But I also do not have any health insurance, and that is one of the big perks that come with this position. I'm not getting any younger, and a lot of the work I do comes with the risk of getting injured at any moment. Also my immune system has been altered as of late, from my year on the road I believe, and I've been more sick this year than all the other 56 years of my life.So those are the things I weigh, as I decide what to do next. I am not tempted by the money or perks they are offering me, but the loss of freedom and time I now control would certainly be compromised. I am well into my second book, and my writing will certainly suffer I foresee, since I will go from a 30-hour work week, to possibly a 40 to 50 hour schedule. My sister tells me it's time to grow up, and I tell her why? LOL! I will keep you posted on my decision, but I'm pretty sure I know which way I'm leaning.

 Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and I certainly pray I will be part of the book fair a year from today. Thank you for checking in, and for your continued support. Take care and stay safe until next time!