Jul. 1, 2018


Hello friends,

I write you this day as I'm hours away from departing from my favorite place on earth. I hope you are doing well this first day of July and enjoying your day off. The weather has just been perfect for me on Oahu, as I have spent the last couple of weeks working and basking in the sun and beaches of the North shore and beyond.

 I've had this trip planned for months now, and I arrived here in Waihlua on the14th of June, with my good friend and former Gigs participant Yohana. She asked me back in the spring of I would be willing to fly back to the islands and remodel her guest bathroom. It didn't take much convincing, as you can imagine, I only added if she could wait until June. I explained that it is the hottest time of the year back in Tucson, and it would be the best time for me to escape from the brutal triple digit temperatures of Arizona. Yohana agreed to wait a few months and I made all the arrangements necessary to be able to leave home for the entire month. She also allowed me to invite two of my five sisters who had never been to this wonderful island!

 I worked tirelessly all of April and May, and left some of my accounts in my brother's care, while the rest of my projects were put on hold. I then drove to the Bay area and after spending 8 days with the kids and grandchildren, I arrived here a week ahead of my sistas, in order to complete my project on time. The second bathroom which I was to remodel was the one they would be using, so I had seven days to finish it up.

 Yohana did a wonderful job of having or acquiring  the materials and tools I would need, since I was only able to bring a few hand tools with me. She also has many friends which we were able to borrow tools from to cut down on the expenses. We did however have to buy and rent some items needed to complete the tile and drywall portions. Her house, like many here in Hawaii,  doesn't have central air, so at times it got pretty hot and humid working inside, although it was only 78 degrees outside. For me,  it was still way better than working in 100+ temps back home, plus I had the luxury of walking to the beach minutes away after work each day!

 Finally on the 24th my sistas Angie and Ester arrived in Honolulu. They were so excited about their first visit and Yohana graciously placed the traditional lai around their head when we picked them up. Yohana fed us and took care of our every need from the get go and I, as a former resident myself, took them to a different part of the island each day. Both my sisters enjoyed the scenery and food tremendously,  but especially the beaches! Like me, they love the warm waters and tropical settings that define this place. We ended a great week last night at the Polynesian cultural center's luau! Yohana was happy with her new bathroom and invited me next year to remodel the next one, and I happily agreed to come back again!

Now it's time for me to get back to my routine of working and writing, until my next adventure! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for checking in! Stay safe and cool wherever you call home.