Sep. 30, 2018


Hello friends, 

and greeting from soggy Tucson Arizona! I hope you are safe and warm, wherever you call home. The remnants of hurricaine Rosa are drenching the state after she decided to take a right turn in Baja California and shower us with much needed rain.

 I remain exteremely busy and still nursing a bad right elbow with tendonitis, and have no idea when it's going to get better. But despite my maladies, I continue to work all day and write my second edition at night. Speaking of editions, my first manuscript is finally in my hands, ready for publiction!

 I'm really excited and relived to go on to the next step. As you know, I've waited nine long months for this day,with many frustrating moments, days, and weeks. One thing I learned for sure was that I can't control every aspect of this process, no matter how eager and impatient I have become over this publishing stage of my journey. I thought I learned how to be patient on my adventure, where my resolve was tested often, but this process has tested me even more!

 Next week I start sorting through the half dozen publishers I'm considering, which most of them promise me the best possible outcome for my money. I hope I choose the right company cuz I can't afford to miss spend my limited budget. Many of the dozens of publishing companies I've delt with these past 18 months simply just want money, and aren't one bit interested in my story, or anybody elses. It's just a huge money grab for most of those scum bags who drain wouldbe writers of their money and dreams. I don't want to become one of those horror stories I've read on the publishers review pages. Some of the accounts of people who have been scammed for thousands of dollars, with very little or nothing in return, make me hesitanat to even give them one single dollar. But it's a necessary evil I suppose.

 Anyways friends, thanks for checking in on me again. I truly thank you for your loyal support, and I'm glad to finally have the ball rolling again! I promise to keep you updated often.