Jan. 7, 2019


Jan. 7, 2019


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Dec. 21, 2018


Dec. 20, 2018


Hello friends!

At long last I write you from the comfort of my home here in sunny Tucson. I hope you are well, and warm this pre, pre, pre x-mas eve day. I apologize for the delay with any updates, but it had a two fold purpose. Along with a nasty bout of bronchitis, that laid me low for a few days. My tendonitis is no better, and now I show signs in my the left elbow as well. I'm falling apart guys!

 The good news is that there is no bad news! The book signing event is still on for January the 26th at 3pm. The site is the Joel Valdez library downtown, in the main conference room. I'm still really excited about the whole thing, and can't wait to see some of you there! In the meantime, I continue to write part two of my adventure, which will go to the same process as part one.

 Speaking of which, is now on it's fourth, and hopefully final run. I was hoping to have it in hand this week to show it to you, covers and all, but with the holiday season in full swing, and the printing shop running a limited schedule, I wasn't able to showcase it for you, hence the delay with my post. We'll have to wait until late next week I believe. Mary Ann, and her husband John, my proofreader and editors, continue to be the liaison between the printers and me. When the final product is finished, they shall be credited with the outcome, because it was a lot easier to write, than to fix and format. I would have been lost in that process if I didn't have them to lean on.

 I expect the next book to have a smoother path to publication with all the things we have learned about self publishing. This first book truly has been the crash test dummy, so to speak, and so far I don't have any regrets taking this route with my story. If I haven't mentioned it yet, the first book will be available on Kindle a week before the signing event, for those of you who can't make it, and many more who live out of the area.

So friends, each day brings us closer to the day we've been waiting so long for! I hope you continue to check for updates, and if my health holds up, then I'll have no excuse for being late. Thanks for your tireless support, and faithful following.



Dec. 3, 2018