Sep. 25, 2016


Good morning friends,

Greeting to all, hoping you’re finding yourself well and resting on this Sunday morning. I write you today from the fine city of Buffalo, New York. I am at the University library, since most of the public buildings are closed today. I think it might have something to do with the Bill’s playing at home today. They take their sports teams very serious around this part of the country I had always heard, and now I see it first-hand. Interestingly enough, the Bill’s play my home state Arizona Cardinals in a few hours, so driving around town with my Az. plates might be a little risky, since I have a feeling the Cardinals are going to grill the home team by days end. I was thinking about heading to a local watering hole to catch the game, but I think I might be heavily outnumbered and too far from home to be cheering my team in such a hostile territory!

 I am on my second full day of searching for work between here and nearby Rochester, where I spent all yesterday without much to show for my efforts. The CL surprisingly is quiet and thin compared to the population in this part of the state. I have gotten used to the routine already and don’t get as stressed as before, knowing it usually takes about two to three days on average to secure a gig. Yes I have scored a couple jobs in less than a day, but some states have taken longer than I expected. After twenty-five plus stops, I can toss the size and population of a city out the window as a measuring stick to determine my ability to find work. Timing I believe is everything, since I don’t believe in luck, along with other uncontrolled circumstances I have come to accept. So I press on with whatever method works best and so far I been able to meet the challenge. I’ve had to train myself to be more patient and to let the work come to me without losing any sleep or hair worrying about the phone ringing or an email responding.

I plan to drive up to Niagara Falls this afternoon to take some pictures and maybe take a dip or barrel ride down the Horseshoe Falls.  It is on my must see list of National parks I had written up before I departed from home along with Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and a few others. I continue to post new pics constantly on the gigs album but still have trouble downloading my videos. I will have to take it up with my host!

Well friends enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe in whatever you are doing. Thanks for dropping in and checking up on me, your support is greatly appreciated!  Take care.  #Yo-Ga-Fla.


Sep. 21, 2016


Sep. 21, 2016


Hello friends and family,

I write you this Wednesday evening from the laundry mat in the small Vermont town of Castle Corners, just outside Rutland. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up too much lately with this page, obviously due to the rash of gigs I’ve been doing these past few days. I hope all are well and rest from whatever it is you do!

I scored a nice job here in Vermont with a super cool and generous guy who has given me room and board as I help him with some home improvements. I can’t tell you much, but the way I acquired the gig was a uniquely amazing story in itself. You’ll have to wait for me to post it on the gigs list sometime in the next couple of days.

The halfway point has now been reached with this job and I really feel a renewed since of determination to fulfill the rest of the journey no matter how long it takes me. The adventure so far has been everything I had imagined and so much more is yet to come! So I don’t want to make too big of a deal about getting to this point, knowing that I still have some tough places to visit and many more weeks of camping and truck stop stays before I reach the west coast. I compiled an updated list of stats for your information, just to get a sense of what I deal with on a daily basis. After four months and two weeks on the road. This is my travel story.

26- States.

11,765- Miles covered.

13- Rented rooms, 16 nights

23- Truck stops, 30 overnights.

15- Camp grounds, 39 nights.

7- Private homes.

3- Vacant houses. 6 nights

1- Resort, 3 nights.

2- Kidney stones. 1 night.

I have also logged many more stories, stats and pictures that I plan to include in my book once I accomplish my journey. I hope to be home before New Year’s, but only time will tell. I want to thank my sister Angela back home, who is my biggest supporter, for taking care of all my business back in Tucson, along with my little girl Kalani Kai.  Also to you good folks who follow me and support me with comments and emails, they mean a lot to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Next up, Buffalo, New York and Niagara falls!

Have a great night!  #Yo-Ga-Fla


Sep. 19, 2016


Good morning friends.

Happy Monday to all wherever you call home. This is a special post that I write you today, as I prepare to drive this morning to Burlington, Vermont in search of my next gig. It is now officially twenty-five states that I have traveled since I left home eighteen weeks ago.  

I drove out of Tucson that Thursday morning on the fifth of May ready to take on my adventure of a life time and to say that it hasn’t been so far would be a complete untruth! Most of my planning has been correct up to now, with the exception of my timeline and budget. If you have been following me from the beginning or even at the planning stage, you would be able to chart my course and see how close to script I’ve been able to stay. I don’t want to make a big deal about getting to this point since there is still so much more to accomplish before I reach my goal and final destination. Still it is a significant point for me, especially mentally and emotionally. I now feel like I’m heading home as I head west and chase all the sunsets for the next few months, all the way to Hawaii.

I have really enjoyed every aspect of this adventure, especially meeting new people every day. The road and the sleeping conditions have been difficult at times, but they just add to the richness of the adventure! Reuniting with old friends like Cathy V. in Texas and Yolie G. in the Fla. have been special times for me, along with Charlene and Michael in New Hampshire. Spending time with family, in Dallas with my daughter Vanessa and cousins Fina and Mark in Virginia, really boosted my confidence.

One of my few regrets I have, mostly due to funds and being constantly consumed with finding work, is not having the time and money to go off the beat and path to explore and enjoy all the beautiful places I’ve been to. Thanks to Yolie and Cathy, I was able to see and experience Florida and Texas I bit but there has been so many more places that I was only able to see from my windshield as I drove by on the way to work. The food, the new friends I’ve made have brought me great joy, and many of the pictures and stories I have will be saved for the planned book I hope to complete once I get back home. So over all I am deeply satisfied my journey so far and I’m looking forward to the next twenty-five stops! Hopefully you have found it as interesting and enjoyable as I have and will continue to follow me to the end. Please feel free to write me or post a comment any time. Your support and well wishes are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again and have a wonderful day! #Yo-Ga-Fla


Sep. 14, 2016


Ready for new paint in Woonsocket!