Aug. 10, 2016

Waiting for the phone to ring.

Hello Friends,

I hope all are well. I write you this time from the tri-state area of Wilmington/Philadelphia/New Jersey corridor. I’m sitting in a public library, just a few blocks from Little Italy, in Wilmington, Delaware. I spent all day yesterday and this morning putting out inquiries and communicating with a few posters. Its three o’clock in the afternoon and I still haven’t nailed anything down for tomorrow. I’m not too concerned yet because the ads are plentiful and something is bound to come my way. I put myself in a location where I could end up scoring a gig in either one of these three states, Delaware, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. I want to rack up all three before I head into the New York City area next week.

I thought I had my Pennsylvania job this morning, but it didn’t happen after all. The job was helping someone with a move in nearby Unionville, but after a few weird exchanges via text with the poster, I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a legitimate posting. I didn’t bother to show up to the location after the guy wouldn’t answer basic questions like, how long he needed me or the physical address of the home. If in fact there was a home. He just kept insisting I go to Unionville, and that was all the information he would divulge. So I just broke off the exchange and ate my Arby’s sandwich for lunch. I don’t have time for any internet scammers!

The weather here is finally a bit more agreeable, although the chances of rain persist throughout the week. I just finally glad to be out of the high humilities of the southern states! Nothing personal guys, I just don’t want any more of that hot, sweaty stuff for a while. I’ve been drenched in perspiration from Texas to Virginia and all points in between, no mas amigos! I spent  last night in a KOA campground, probably one of the best I’ve stayed so far. And the Pennsylvania country side sure is amazingly beautiful this time of year. Just like a living postcard plastered on my windshield. I got a few honks from the locals on their way to work this morning, after I slowed down for the view! Haters!

Well that’s how my day is going today, as I wait for my phone to ring soon with some good news. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you call home. Take care and thanks for your time and support!  #Yo-Ga-Fla


Aug. 9, 2016


Hello friends,

I write you this Monday morning hoping all are well and resting this weekend. I myself have taken a couple days off from the grind of searching for work here on the east coast. My next scheduled stops are Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, before heading into the Big Apple and northeastern states.

I have grown a bit road weary of late, having logged too many miles the last two weeks between Virginia and the D.C, area. I’m approaching the halfway point of my journey soon and now more than ever, I feel the need to pace myself. I certainty do not want to burnout prematurely, thus putting the tour in jeopardy.  I am not a young man anymore and my recovery time is more crucial now, especially on the road.

I did want to share with you some of the unique aspects of the Craigslist postings if you’re not familiar with or a frequent user of this site. As you know, I have made this my main tool for finding work with this adventure, since it is available in all fifty states and in over 70 countries. Yet it does vary for region to region and even city to city, as I’m finding out at every stop. At times I have written about the amount of jobs posted and I monitor the daily activity, even before I enter into a planned stop.  That’s how I try to determine the probability of finding something right away or whether it will be a difficult stop. It does not always go as planned, the job searches have been both difficult and easy so far.

The three sections I use the most are listed under ‘Jobs’. Two are ‘Labor’ and ‘Skilled’. The third of course is the ‘Gigs’ section, which I based my website name on.  The labor postings are mainly for unskilled work and can be very random and sometimes weird in nature. From someone looking for a ride to a nearby town or store, to some person wanting help with a move or hole in their roof. I see ads for topless grass mowers and personal sex assistants, to mention a few. Most jobs are posted for full time or part time positions and pay very little. Some even post ads asking help for free.

The skilled sections normally are ads looking for specific trades, carpentry, plumbing, electricians and so on. Usually full time or by contracted agreement. Most are posted by companies or self-employed independent contractors. The pay offered is mostly below the average trade scale.  Also homeowners post on these two sites when shopping for a better quote than they get from a licensed contractor. The rate is almost never posted but stated as negotiable or to be determined.  Some people get bold with their ads, demanding a flood of requirements. No drugs, alcohol, or excessive cellphone users.  No slackers, tweekers or con men. They want you to be on time, have transportation and tools and a great attitude. All for ten dollars an hours! After all, they are doing you a favor.

Then the gigs section, which is intended for small, short term work, is the most diverse. It is all over the map with job selections. This section is better suited for my circumstances, being on the road as I am. But lately the trend on this section is people posting full and part- time positions, which convolutes the ads and makes it difficult for me to sift through the section.

Then there are the predators. There are spammers using the CL to lure people with misleading ads and fake job postings, in all sections, not just the ones I use. All with the intent to manipulate other with their fraudulent schemes. Still others will hire people and not pay the agreed wage or not pay them at all. Something the illegal immigrants are more prone to encounter and usually the targets, knowing they have no recourse.

Well, that’s just a small glimpse of my experience with this website.  Obviously there is so much more to the CL and sites like them. It is part of the world of looking for work on the internet these days. There is after all, way more positive than negative about it, but precautions are always to be taken.

Thanks for your time and I wish you a good week.  #Yo-Ga-Fla


Aug. 2, 2016

Hanging out with my cousins in Newport News


Hello friends,

It is Tuesday afternoon and I’m still in Virginia. I hope you are all enjoying your day. I have been working on a landscape project here at cousin Fina’s home, while I search for my Maryland gig.  The rain has been falling off and on the past few days, so that adds to the dilemma of not being able to move forward.

In short, Maryland has been anything but Merry! There are plenty of job posting listed and I have inquired about a few, but for some reason I haven’t been able to secure not a one. Frustrating! Especially since my monthly bills are now due. I’m working hard at staying upbeat, knowing that things could and do change from one hour to the next. Or that a gig is one text or phone call away. The state is not very big and I have looked in all areas so far. There are places I’ve been cautioned to avoid, like Baltimore, but at this point, I’m up for anything.  

The only benefit I’m getting from the lull is rest. Rest from the less than desirable sleeping quarters I’ve been enduring. Fina has supplied an air mattress for me in her air conditioned basement, and I’m very comfy down there. Sure beats the sweaty campgrounds here in this part of the country. I’m looking forward to heading north to a more agreeable climate that I believe is waiting for me in the Northeast.

Well that is all for now, I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know the latest. I have been posting pictures more often on the gigs album and have rearranged my web pages, for easier navigating. Hoping I will check back in soon with goods news and a new story! Have a wonderful day, wherever you call home.

Thanks and good bye! #Yo-Ga-Fla


Jul. 31, 2016

DC observations.

Good evening friends,

I sure hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend. And if you have to work weekends, like many people do: then I hope your day off comes quickly! And if you’re retired, then you deserve your time off.

I write you on his Saturday night once again from Newport New. I’m back at my cousin’s home after spending four days in the DC area, completing my gig there. I thought I had my Maryland job secure for today but the job was put off last minute, so I drove back here last night. I still have an unfinished project here with the family I need to complete before I move out of this area. The Condes have also been awesome with their accommodations, considering they are still working to get their new home re-established after their recent move from Tennessee. So many thanks go out to my cousins Fina, Mark and Noah!

The Capital area is very unique to me in many different ways. The landscape is so beautiful with its rolling hills, forest and water ways. I can only imagine it in its natural state, back a few centuries ago.  But of course I am here during the best time of the year and can only judge the scene as a visitor passing thru. I’m sure the cold months here and in other areas I have been through is a different story come winter! Still the history and architecture, something that I have always been fond of, just gives me a sense of awe. I think about and try to put myself here in the pre-colonial times, the revolutionary war and the civil war era. The name and faces of historical people and events dot the entire area. I have to really watch myself when in driving around, because landmarks, points of interest and museums seem to be at every turn. I almost rear-ended a few locals just gawking at the sites!  The diversity of peoples and nationalities that make up the District also makes it a special place to live and visit. Government vehicles and security personal are everywhere you look. I feel like Jason Bourne is just around the corner, ready to make his next move!

I wish I had more time and resources to explore and enjoy the countless things to do and see here in the nation’s capital, but it will have to wait for another time. So now I really look forward to completing my loop here and heading north to hopefully a more agreeable climate. I just about had enough of the humidity!

Thanks again for taking some of your precious time to check up on me!

Have a great day! #Yo-Ga-Fla


Jul. 28, 2016

This is a message I posted on my Spanish page today. Check for translation!

Hello friends,

I hope all are well and safe. In whatever place you call home.

It’s been a while since I last wrote you, my Spanish followers. The truth is that I lost my ability to write you in Spanish due to my computer breaking all the way back in Oklahoma. It has taken me this long to get it replaced.  I am really sorry for the wait and the seeming neglect on my part. It’s true I have been posting in English for all this time, but not without extraordinary difficulty and stress.

I had been using my smart phone to write my blogs and job stories. It was a unexpected event, losing my laptop to a thunderstorm. But now I’m back online and will resume my regular post in Spanish.  I hope to able to post many more pictures and videos as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patients and support. Have a good night! #Yo-Ga-Fla