A contemporary tale of triumph and lost love when a world of tragedy collides with a world of chaos, discovered in the most unlikely of settings. Nicky’s life is in a rut and filled with dysfunction, addictions and hopelessness as he struggles through his mundane existence, only his son and world of crossword puzzles get him through each day. After an unfortunate night at home with his wife he is sentenced to a court ordered diversion program for the next twenty weeks. Feeling betrayed by circumstances beyond his control and surrounded by an odd group of fellow participants, he finds the missing pieces to his fractured life in the form of a Latin beauty named Lorena, who will forever change his life’s course and single handedly mold him into the man he always longed to be.  Can forbidden love and chaos survive in a cruel and tragic world? Only time will tell as you follow Nicky’s story through his twenty week journey and beyond.