Gigs album #2

  • Kentucky intersection!

  • Alabama farm.

  • Horseshoe Bend National park

  • Alabama cement gig.

Donna's tomato gravy dish!

No words

Dooey's, Starkville.

More Dooey's!

Elvis birth place, Tupelo, Mississippi.

Breakfast at the Blue Plate. Memphis, Tn.

Roof top view.

Some of the CL ads posted. Unreal!

Elvis left me his shades!

Black River, Pocahontas, Ar.

Best BB-Q , 87 BB-Q, Tennessee

Carl tree surfing!

Downtown Indianapolis.

Indiana sunrise.

Demotte, Indiana

Wells Park, Chicago

My tools.

Mole chicken enchiladas. Madison, Wisconsin!

Moonrise over Madison.

East Troy barn.

Downtown K.C.

Amadeus basement.

Wisconsin sunrise in my mirror.

Home away from home.

The Hilton!

Best BBQ, Slaps, Kansas City!

Einar and I

Kansas City

The tour has been rough on my hands.

A real hotel at last!

My kids, Nessa, Anthony and Johnny checking in!

Pinkerton and Patouli

The golden Adonis, Jameason

Patrick making his first tortilla.

Bubba with little Addi

Alexandria farmhouse.

Fargo sunrise.

Pierce and Grayson at play!

Juliette's handmade creations!

Wacky pose!